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If you're in the GTA, Canada and scouring the internet for high-quality "residential electrical services near me," try out Canadian Wire Wizards instead. Our residential electrical contractors will give you the best possible service and will ensure all your electrical needs are addressed. Whether you require assistance in changing the light plates at home or need a complete rewiring of your property, contact us any time and end your search for a reputable residential electrical company near you.

After 10 years in the industry, we are already hardwired to give all clients the top-notch residential electrical services and competitive prices they deserve. Our main priority is to ensure your safety, so we have licensed electricians ready to provide emergency electrical services round the clock. Our team is well-equipped and completely knowledgeable in all areas, like electrical box installation, redo the lighting system, or knob and tube wiring replacement in Toronto so you can be guaranteed efficiency and a job well done!

electrical services
electrical services

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At Canadian Wire Wizards, our certified team of residential electricians are best equipped to handle any kind of residential electrical wiring issues you might encounter, including the most reliable knob and tube wiring replacement. Note, however, that this wiring is not covered by most insurance providers as it is considered an outdated kind of open wiring that provided electricity in the early 20th century.

The Ontario Electrical Safety Code has strict guidelines on what kind of wiring is permissible because some systems are prone to overheating and can become dangerous. Therefore, it's best to leave the job to our certified residential electricians near you. Contact us today to book knob and tube replacement or to schedule a consultation to determine what your property needs!

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We make sure our clients get the best service. Our team of qualified electricians is always prepared to provide you with whatever assistance you may require.

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Our high-class residential electrical services are offered at budget-friendly prices. We use the most high-tech and latest equipment to get the job done right.

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Our qualified team of electricians can inspect all kinds of electrical equipment and components to ensure compliance with local rules and regulations.

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We always put our clients' needs first when providing residential electrical services. Most clients have questions regarding the common residential issues, like rewiring of both old and new homes or custom wiring. Here's we've compiled some of the most common questions about our services. If you have a question that has not been answered here, you may reach out to our team at Canadian Wire Wizards who are ready to address your questions. If you're searching for residential electrical contractors near you, call us today.

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At Canadian Wire Wizards, our licensed electricians offer a host of residential electrical services, including panel changes, aluminium rewiring, lighting fixtures, landscape lighting, kitchen renovations, bathroom renovations, service upgrades, knob and tube wiring replacement, electrical home inspections, and so much more! If you encounter any of these issues at your property, our team is ready to help you by providing the best service.
Our team of expert electricians offers a wide variety of services for your home, including regular inspections and system upgrades at fair prices. If you are looking for knob and tube wiring replacement, our services start at $12,000 and goes up to $24,000. Our service upgrades cost anywhere between $1,200 and $1,500, while our electrical home inspections cost anywhere between $350 and $550. For aluminium rejuvenation, we charge $4,000, but for a full rewiring, it will cost you up to $24,000.

The electricians who work on your electrical problems must be well-trained as power systems are dangerous and can cause fire and harm when handled incorrectly. Fortunately, our expert team is trained at handling all kinds of electrical systems.

Our residential electricians in GTA, Canada can handle any kind of emergency as they work with all the latest technology and equipment. Our team is completely licensed, and our processes comply with all the ESA requirements. We also take pride in having a strong work ethic, which is why we make sure the client always comes first.

Homeowners should not take any chances with residential electrical wiring, as it can be unsafe. Signs of outdated wiring include discolored outlets or switches, buzzing or humming sounds from outlets, sparks from outlets, or flickering lights when appliances are plugged in.

It's best to have an experienced residential electrician inspect the home, and make sure to ask them whether residential electricians near me are familiar with the latest safety standards and local codes.

In Canada, residential electrical contractors are responsible for various electrical installations and repairs in private residences. In order to ensure these services are provided safely and professionally, we ensure that our professionals are adequately licensed and insured for the work undertaken, providing comfort and peace of mind to our customers.