Not all trends need to be followed blindly, especially DIY repairs. You can find a lot of step-by-step guides on Pinterest and YouTube that may inspire you to do some DIY home improvements. However, when it comes to electrical repairs, you need to remember that you must only rely on a licensed electrician for that. 

DIY projects might appear cost-effective and simple, but they are not as straightforward as they seem. If you make a mistake or things go wrong, you could have an even bigger problem on your hands. Here are a few reasons why you should not do your own electrical repairs.

Electrical Shock

Signing up for a DIY electrical repair means you could be at risk of an electrical shock. For example, 110 volts that flow through residential homes are enough for fatal electrocution. This alone is enough reason to call an electrician for your electrical upgrade or repair instead of doing it yourself.

Fire Hazards

Many houses have house fires every year because of electrical faults. The leading cause behind these electrical faults is defective repairs. Hence, your decision to do DIY projects could be the beginning of new trouble. Licensed electricians have proper training and knowledge that you might lack, which means you could make mistakes resulting in faulty wiring. Leaving naked wires around the house can be the onset of trouble and being negligent can also start a short circuit, resulting in a potential electrical fire. 

You could be risking the safety of your property and family by not calling a professional electrician.

Not Meeting the Provincial Electric Codes

When it comes to electrical repairs and upgrades, there are specific standards and codes that every resident needs to adhere to. If you act against these electric codes, you may be going against the law. This is why you should hire a licensed electrician for your electric repairs, as they understand and adhere to the Canadian Electrical Code.

The electrician will know which electrical code applies to your house’s specific electrical outlet wiring and they will execute the electrical work based on that knowledge, following an inspection.

Insurance Concerns

If your property sustains damage due to your DIY attempt, your insurance company will consider it negligence and may not cover it.

For instance, if your negligence results in a spark that leads to a fire, your property damage won’t be covered by insurance. The insurance company can rightfully deny your claim since you were the one to put your house at risk.

This is why you need to hire an electrician who can perform a proper electrical inspection and properly fix the issue. 

Hidden Electrical Dangers

The worst thing about electrical dangers is that you can’t always be sure of the exact schematics since they’re hidden in the walls. So there could be a potential danger that you don’t know of until it happens. For example, you might have left a naked wire, but it would remain unknown.

Many wires are hidden away out of sight that can cause electrocution if you come in contact with them during your DIY project.

Contact Canadian Wire Wizards for Your Electrical Repairs!

Doing electrical repairs yourself can be dangerous and lead to even bigger problems. Many people think they can handle DIY projects, but they should only be relying on licensed electricians to do the job for them. 

If you need electrical repairs in your home, contact Canadian Wire Wizards for expert service. Call us at 416-755-2700 or fill out this form on our website today. 

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