Electrical panel issues are a common sight, especially in homes where the installed electrical panels are quite old. The electrical panel is mostly set once the house is constructed, and many homeowners leave it as it is. However, it is very important to upgrade the electrical panel from time to time because any issues with the electrical panel can disrupt the distribution of electricity across the entire home. No wonder why electrical panel upgrade services are becoming so important. The following blog highlights some of the key signs that show it is time to upgrade the electrical panel.

1.      Frequent Trip of Circuit Breakers

A circuit breaker trip is an important part of the system because it cuts down the flow of electricity when the circuit is overheating or there is the potential for other kinds of damage. Circuit breaker trips may also occur when the energy requirement in the home is beyond the overall capacity of the electrical panel. Accordingly, if this issue is frequently occurring, then it is time to upgrade the house’s electrical panel and opt for electrical panel upgrade services.

2.      The Wiring is Damaged or Old

As the wiring in the electrical panel becomes old or damaged, then it may start to deteriorate in performance over time. Damaged wiring may eventually lead to a shock upon touching any appliance, a burning spell across the appliance, light flickering, or black spots across the panels. If these signs are occurring, then it is important to take steps to fix the electric panel immediately, or the problem can escalate very quickly.

3.      The Panel is Outdated

If the house is old, then it is possible that the electrical panel is also outdated. It may not be up to modern code standards. For example, older panels do not have a single disconnect system that can cut off all the power in the house. This is also a good sign to know when to upgrade the electrical panel. On the other hand, modern panels come with a single switch that can help in turning off all the power to avoid power hazards. Some electrical panels are also undersized to handle the electricity flow in the house. Therefore, most of the time, electricians simply have to upgrade the electrical panel to 200 amps or simply replace the entire system if it is too inconvenient and dangerous to use.


Electrical panels play an integral part in any home. However, over time, electrical panels can become outdated or defective in terms of performance. Therefore, it is important to keep track of damage signs and upgrade the electrical panels from time to time to ensure the home stays safe from any potential electrical hazards. If you are looking for experienced electricians, then get in touch with Canadian Wire Wizards today.

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