There are a lot of homes out there that were built a long time ago and where there are old homes there are old electrical panels with outdated outlets and circuit breakers incapable of handling our current device and appliance load.

The good news is that a new electrical panel installation is as easy as making a phone call. Yes, it’s true – all you need to do is call a licensed electrician near you to get the job done. An outdated electrical panel puts your home, you, and your family in unnecessary danger and can create a big problem in your day to day life. Your appliances won’t work properly, it could cause blackouts and further damage your home. So, why not upgrade and save yourself the trouble?

Let’s look at some of the signs indicating that you need an electrical service panel upgrade.

  • You reside in an old home – if your house is older than 30 years it’s safe to assume that the individual components in your panel will have started malfunctioning or will be soon!
  • Your lights frequently flicker – lights most likely flicker when there is power disruption and this could happen for a few reasons, such as power outages during storms. However, if you experience frequent flickering when there are no external factors involved then you most likely need an upgrade.
  • Your circuit breaker trips often – do you find yourself making trips to the panel board when you turn on any major appliance? Well then, that’s a sign. Frequent tripping is a result of your electrical panel being under capacity and the age of the panel.
  • Switches give you electrical shocks – even if it’s a minor shock, don’t overlook it. Electrical shocks are signs of an improper grounding of the electrical system, faulty wiring or outdated electrical panel systems.

So, if you’ve experienced any of the above it’s crucial to not ignore it and get your residential electrical panel upgrade done. Or else, you could be facing some serious hazards:

  • Fire hazard – old panels can cause unexpected fires which could be dangerous to life and property.
  • Unsafe living conditions – what’s a home if it’s not safe? Replacing your electrical panel will keep your home safe and hazard free, as the panel will do a better job of safely and effectively distributing electricity.
  • Power outages – Power outages are more than just inconvenient and your level of frustration will only continue to mount if they happen more frequently and inconsistently. The food in your refrigerator could go bad, you could experience black out when working from home, or you might miss a crucial part of the hockey game you were watching.

You need the help of experts

Electrical panel installation is a serious task and not one that should be handled lightly. If an electrical installation isn’t done correctly, the results can be quite catastrophic. We therefore recommend leaving this to the professionals. Our contractors at Canadian Wire Wizards have the right expertise, training, certification and access to the right equipment for the job.

Interested to learn more? Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote.

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