Residential Electrical Panel Upgrade Services

As the need for more technological devices increases in our day to day lives, so does the load on residential electrical systems. Older homes do not have sufficient power available to handle the increased demand of new technological devices of modern times. Therefore, it is recommended to employ electrical panel upgrade services from experienced professionals.

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electrical services
electrical services

What is an electrical panel?

By definition, an electrical panel is the load centre or the service box that connects a main power line to your home and then further distributes power to the various circuits and power outlets around the home. The electrical panel has circuit breakers or fuses that helps ensure that there are no over-currents or overloads during the distribution of powers to the different circuits around the house.

Can’t find the panel around your home? Here’s a clue - this box has a metal door and is affixed into the wall of your home. You can usually find it in corners of your home that can be easily accessed.

Reasons for electrical panel installation and upgrade

New homes most often come with the highest grade of electrical panel installations. However, old homes have a 100-amp service and need to upgrade to 200-amp. Experts recommend upgrading or installing new electrical panels every 25-30 years, so if your home is around that age, you should consider having it done. Some other reasons for getting an upgrade include:

  • Signs of faulty wiring – Do your lights regularly flicker? Do you get small electric shocks when handling appliances? Do you constantly get a burning smell when running particular appliances? These are all signs of faulty wiring running through your electrical systems.
  • Installing new appliances – If you install new appliances with the current power capacity you may run into regular power outages or breaker trips.
  • If you’re going through a renovation or remodelling – This helps ensure your current and future electrical power needs are met and also gives you a chance to get everything done in one go.
  • Future proofing – Most often many homes will run close to maximum with a 100-amp service. Upgrade to a 200-amp system will not only ensure your existing power needs are met but also meet any future needs. With an upgrade you can easily install new appliances and hi-tech devices without worrying about overloading the system.

Looking for a residential electrical panel upgrade?

Many homeowners tend to put off electrical panel upgrades for a variety of reasons but this can be very costly in the long run. While this could be a big investment for many, it is one that will need to take place at some point in the life of a home. Furthermore, upgrading an electric panel makes financial sense when factoring in issues with homeowner’s insurance and maintaining property value.

You can rely on experts at Canadian Wire Wizards for a smooth, cost-friendly and quick electrical panel upgrade services.

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What You Should Know


Knowing when you should upgrade your electrical panel can be tricky. If you notice flickering lights, electrical shock, or if your electrical panel is over 15 years old, it may be time to consider an electrical panel upgrade service.

This could sometimes mean replacing the entire electrical panel or circuits. However, with a licensed electrician providing electrical panel installation and maintenance, only certain parts may need to be replaced.
Upgrading your electrical panel to a 200 amp service can provide significant safety benefits to your home. With a 200 amp panel upgrade, you could get increased wiring and circuit breakers that offer protection against dangerous overloads, decreasing the risk of fire or shocks in your home.

With a professional upgrading to 200 amp service, you will also be able to add additional items like subpanels and receptacles, which allow for more functionality and convenience while ensuring safety.

There are many options for adding additional circuits or outlets when upgrading your electrical panel. A residential electrical panel upgrade can enhance safety and reliability and boost the capacity of your current system. You can also upgrade the electrical panel to 400 amps.

Electrical work should always be carried out by a certified technician with knowledge and experience who can advise you on the best solution.