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Canadian Wire Wizards is your one-stop shop for all residential and commercial electrical solutions in the Greater Toronto Area. With over a decade of experience behind us, we can help you avoid searching for service electricians near you. For any rewiring or lighting issues or home inspections to ensure you are safe 24/7, contact us!


Restore Old Wiring With Us

If you are looking for licensed electrical contractors near you who can handle all kinds of custom wiring or installation, look no further. Our team of electrical experts, at Canadian Wire Wizards, are adept at rewiring old electrical systems and bringing them up to date. If you are also looking for a licensed electrician near you that can install the perfect lighting or upgrade the old lighting fixtures, you can contact us. Reach out today and avoid the pointless Google searches like "licensed electrical contractors near me.


Get That Faulty Wiring Fixed

Most knob and tube wiring that was installed in the early 20th century is not able to handle the high electricity demand in households today. That is why it is necessary to get our experts, at Canadian Wire Wizards, to do a home inspection so they can inspect your wiring and rewire the system, if needed. This will help prevent electrical shocks, power cuts, short circuits, and even electrical fires. Our team will upgrade everything right from your fuse box to the outdated circuitry to make sure that you get the best quality.


Upgrade Your Home

Canadian Wire Wizards, an electrical contracting company has some of the best quality equipment and updated electrical contractor services that are key to meeting your needs. We have built a circle of trust amongst our clients based on good service with regular inspections. Our licensed electricians are available for any kind of residential or commercial issues including all kinds of electrical upgrades that need to be done.

We do smart home automation, 100 Amp–200 Amp panel changes and 100 Amp-400 Amp service upgrades and troubleshooting and diagnostics.


Light up Your Home and Work Spaces

Our team of qualified professional electricians offer both residential and commercial services, so you are always covered - be it home or at your workspace. You can upgrade your service panels, electrical fuse boxes, and even do a complete rewiring of your space. If you want to highlight your home or office space more prominently with better lighting, our electricians can redo your lighting system, or upgrade it at a budget-friendly price. Contact us today to get the quotes!

Who Are We?

About Us

Our team at Canadian Wire Wizards believes in the core values of safety, honesty, respect, and reliability. These values reflect our high esteem for our trade and our commitment to keeping our clients satisfied. Our electricians are licensed and well-equipped to handle any kind of electrical issue - be it commercial or residential. If you have been looking for licensed electricians in GTA or surrounding areas, we are right here! We provide all kinds of services: from panel upgrades to service upgrades, lighting upgrades, electrical rewiring, and knob and tube wiring replacement in Toronto. We also conduct regular inspections and consultations to make sure your electrical system is working properly. You can rest assured that well-trained electricians can keep your property safe, as all of them are registered with the Electrical Contractors Registration Agency, which is part of the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA). If you're in search for licensed electrical contractors or reliable electrical contractors near you, contact us today!

Meet Our Experts

The Team

Our team members are trained and licensed to perform all kinds of residential and commercial electrical upgrades. Our team is headed by Demetrois, the founder and owner of Canadian Wire Wizards. As a leading electrical contracting company, we have been providing top-quality service in the Greater Toronto Area for more than ten years now, so we know how to get the job done. Our aim is to keep our clients' interests at heart, providing a hassle-free and fully licensed service to keep your needs satisfied. If you're looking for an electrician in North York, contact us today!

Demetrois Owner of Canadian Wire Wizards


Young Owner of Canadian Wire Wizards


Who We Are

Why Choose Us?

At Canadian Wire Wizards, we have expert electrical contractors near you who can handle any kind of electrical problem you might be facing. If you are looking for quality service electricians near you to conduct home inspections, look no further. From panel changes, knob and tube rewiring and lighting fixtures to faulty electrical system upgrades, regular inspections, service upgrades, and much more, we can do it all!

If you own a business, you might also be looking to upgrade your old electrical system or just make sure that it's still functioning effectively. Our expert and licenced electrical contractors offer unbeatable commercial services at budget-friendly prices. For the best electrical contracting company near you, we are the perfect choice!

Premium Electrical Services

Our licensed electricians near you offer top-notch residential and commercial services for all clients. We customize our services and offer them at fair prices to keep our customers satisfied.

Minimal Disruption

We value our client's space and privacy, so we strive to work on electrical systems with minimal disruption. We also clean up after ourselves to keep the client's space neat and organized.

We Stay Accountable

Our experts are completely confident with the services they provide and are accountable for all their responsibilities. We guarantee top-quality work every time, so you don't have to scramble around looking for "electrical contractors near me."

What You Should Know


A licensed electrical contractor is a professional electrician who has received their license from the local municipality or state. They are required to adhere to specific regulations and codes of conduct, ensuring their electrical work is up to the relevant safety standards, laws, and regulations.

From wiring new homes and businesses to repairs and maintenance, they provide invaluable services for commercial and residential customers.
A licensed electrical contractor has the knowledge and experience to get the job done right the first time while avoiding costly mistakes.

Licensed electricians are well-versed in the local and national building codes and regulations, ensuring that their work is up to the relevant standards. Additionally, they understand safety procedures and provide advice on any follow-ups needed for the continued safe operation of electrical systems.

When looking for electrical contracting companies, it is important to do your research. Look for companies with a good reputation and a strong customer service history.

Find out what kind of electrical services they provide, and make sure they have certified electricians on staff who can handle the job safely and efficiently.

Take the time to read customer reviews online, as this can provide valuable insights into how happy people are with the electrical contracting company's services.

At Canadian Wire Wizards, scheduling an appointment is easy. Visit our website, request a quote, and one of our electrical contracting specialists near you will be in touch within 48 hours to set up a convenient time for your appointment.

You can also contact us directly by phone or email to discuss your electrical needs and book an appointment today.

Filing a notification of work to the ESA is only necessary for some pieces of work. When we provide details of what type of work we think your property needs, we’ll also tell you if you need to inform the ESA about the work once it’s been completed.

If you’re concerned about what this entails or need any assistance with this, let us know and we can guide you through the process. We are here to help with each and every aspect of your electrical work, so if you need help, just call us!